We offer an increasingly wide range of garments using ORGANIC COTTON whilst at the same time take responsibility for the economic and ethical issues related to textile manufacturing.
Our produktion has been open to inspection and has been certified by the most important organisations:

# approved as ORGANIC cotton by G.O.T.S (Global Organic Textile Standard)

# accredited by the Soil Association for organic farming (Licence no. DK19090)

# OEKOTEX 100 certification (Licence no. 11-20489) -gurantees that the product is free from harmfull substances such as AZO dyes This licence is even stricter when used on babies & childrens wear

# our entire supply chain has been audited by the FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION where all economic & ethical issues have been adressed.

# working together with the CARBON TRUST in the UK our Earth Positive organic collection has been approved for its reduction in CO2 emissions during all stages of garment manufacture

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Earth PositiveEarth Positive®
100% Organic cotton with a 90% reduction in the Carbon Footprint, according to the BSI PAS2050 and certified by the Carbon Trust (UK).

Organic cotton + ethical trading + sustainable energy = Climate Neutral and a revolution in
textile production.


We salvaged waste fabric cuttings from our organic cotton clothing production, shredded them, blended with polyester from recycled plastic bottles, and turned them into T-shirts, Sweatshirts and tote bags. From waste to inspiring fashion!


The most sustainable of natural fibres, it’s bio-degradable, natural anti-bacterial and a real alternative to cotton.


A living wage is a human right!

The aim of the Fair Share project is to pay all the workers a living wage and garments using the Fair Share label carry a small price premium that is passed directly onto the garment workers in India towards their living wage.

In addition to all this the cotton used is Fairtrade certified.